Since its establishment in 1892, Asanuma has come to build up a relationship of trust with our customers and society based on the belief that “Good work leads to more works” and the founding philosophy of “Spirit of Harmony” and “Sincerity, Enthusiasm and Creativity.”
The environment surrounding the construction industry is experiencing drastic changes. We will continue to meet your expectations with sincerity, and we aim to achieve sustainable growth by making use of the unique qualities of Asanuma to boldly continue taking on challenges so that we can deliver works that make all of our customers glad that they chose Asanuma.

Founding Philosophy

"Spirit of Harmony", "Sincerity, Enthusiasm and Creativity"

Management Policy

We are committed to faithful manufacturing "Monozukuri" based on the belief that "good work leads to more work."

We contribute to the promotion of social safety, security, and comfort.

We hone our technical skills, intellectual abilities, and sensibility.

We abide by the principle of conducting confirmations and checks on actual sites, with actual products, and by actual people.

We are devoted to sound management.


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