On year 2017, we marked our 125th anniversary and this year, I was elected to be the President and CEO of the Asanuma Corporation. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all the gratitude of your support.
The business environment around us has changed greatly over the years and will likely continue to change in even more surprising ways going forward, but standing on the “spirit of harmony” and the principles of “sincerity,enthusiasm and creativity” on which the company was founded, we will respond to these changes by looking squarely at the world of today, listening carefully to the expectations of our customers and the rest of our stakeholders, and applying the high-caliber technical expertise we have come to be known by over our proud history.
In addition, we have formulated a new three-year medium-term plan with fiscal 2018 as the first year. All officers and employees will be united to carry out the three-year medium-term plan and further enhance corporate value. We appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement.

Founding Philosophy

"Spirit of Harmony", "Sincerity, Enthusiasm and Creativity"

Management Policy

I. Underlying principle

Under the founding philosophy of "Spirit of Harmony", "Sincerity, Enthusiasm and Creativity" and thoughts of "Successful work begets further successful business", we are committed to do creation with good faith and contribute to build safer, peaceful, and comfortable society.

II. Basic Policy

Through our business activities based on our basic philosophy, we aim to be a company that is trusted, chosen and appreciated by customers and all other stakeholders.

In order to respond to changing society and customer demand flexibly, we hone our technical skills, intellectual abilities and sensibility with organization strength to inherit and develop our business.

We are committed to work accurately and promptly not by discussion on the desk but by respecting actual implementations with On-site confirmation, In-kind check and recognition.

We comply with laws and social rules and strive to be fair and sound management.